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Windbreaker Music (Digital)

Windbreaker Music (Digital)

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“I may be young, but I’m ready”

Relatively little may be known of Wiardon, beat-slinging wunderkind charging forth from the Dirty South.

At the tender age of fifteen, he’s approached his craft with prodigal focus, several digital releases already under his belt and bills shared with mainstays like DJ Harrison, Dibia$e and Jeremiah Jae.

Paxico is proud to share this physical artifact from Wiardon, titled Windbreaker Music.

As the name is apt to suggest, the collection is light and airy, stylish, rad. It’s also an enduring work, one that rings true to the creator’s old soul. Drawing from southern hip-hop and cosmic groove, he gives us an understated meditation on the daily experience and the changing of the seasons, on growth and life within the restless chaos of the universe.

Recommended listening for all environments and headspaces, it’s a large dose of magical realness and a litany of layers to consider, courtesy of the kid...

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