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Hasan Hujairi

Throat (Digital)

Throat (Digital)

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To describe Hasan Hujairi as a musician alone seems myopic, considering the intellectually voracious angle from which he pursues his craft. From picking the brains of musical legends to excavating the lost works of forgotten artists from his home country of Bahrain, Hasan is better characterized as an intrepid explorer of sound, using the sensibilities of a scientist and a scholar to approach the mystical zones between life and art.

But as Hobbes said, "Reasoning is nothing but reckoning." As a creator, Hasan renders computational reckonings of mental states, using his findings to translate the souls of things into electronic music - to forge a connection from the human mind to the brain of the machine. The results exist on the edge of reflexive and logical, the process endlessly experimental by nature.


This is consummate in his debut release THROAT - a mysterious and alluring collection of sonic gems, and a self-contained survey of perceptual and bodily experience. Within it, familiar sounds take on uncanny biological functions, igniting synapse after synapse until each track becomes a living, breathing organism.

The manipulation of found sounds stir the heart and overwhelm the senses. And Hasan brings a gorgeous approximation of flesh and blood processed down to the singular particle, a blueprint of the distinctive throat from which he sings.





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