The Smudge Specialist
The Smudge Specialist

The Smudge Specialist

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Paxico Records is honored to release ..The Smudge Specialist.. the next LP by galaxy renown, Richmond VA native, KVZE. This 16 track collection was recently excavated by a Mars rover and, after being brought back to earth and inspected, the tape was found to be harvesting a rich variety of new and exotic Smudges. The Smudges and tape soon were given by an anonymous space explorer to Paxico Records' shaky hands. Space to be praised.
"KVZE may be one of the illest that is doing it right now. When you talk about a young guy dropping EP’s left and right with an original sample selection, you’re definitely looking at a contender for the years to come."-Rocbottom Report

Follow the ∞ smudge trails.

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