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Space Smudge Serenade (Cassette)

Space Smudge Serenade (Cassette)

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Paxico Records is proud to release Space Smudge Serenade, the next beat tape by galaxy renown, Virginia native by way of Mars, KVZE. This collection has been tracked by NASA for decades, referred to only in secret code. Most commonly known as the [SSS], the smudges found here have been de-dusted and restored with the best technology available and gathered in this 14 track collection.

Attuned inspection has helped us unlock some secrets behind the [SSS]. As we believe now, the Serenade appears to refer to a technique used by martians for space travel. A kind of alchemy that exchanges mental capacity for lifespan and vice versa. The process is believed to be very dangerous, even to experienced martians. Though many details remain a mystery, we hope that more will come to light through the release of this collection to the public.




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