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Josh Hey

PL8S Volume 2 (Digital)

PL8S Volume 2 (Digital)

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For the second installment in the series, Hey hops back behind the wheel and brings you along for the low key ride down 95. PL8S Volume 2 features fellow beat maker and trip taker, rxn who knows first hand what it's like to be cruising down 15 South with Josh.

Between 2016 to 2019 Hey found himself traveling further and more frequently. His trips out West and beaming up and down the East Coast grew an affinity for vanity license plates.

“Feels like I've been on the go for the last 3 years. Whether cruising up and down the Northeast Coast, or driving across the country out to LA, I've logged a lot of time on the road. All that time in the car is really when I got invested in the plate game.”


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