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Jay Feeniks x Beautiful Disco

Not Same (Digital)

Not Same (Digital)

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In Not Same, vocalist Jay Feeniks and beatmaker Beautiful Disco offer up passion and devotion from four angles, presenting sentimental tracks with a laid - back cool. 


'All I Ask' is a vibrant first cut, with Jay Feeniks’ R&B-tinged vocals melting atop Beautiful Disco’s dreamlike admixture. Sampled drums push and pull on dreamy synth work, while string flourishes offer the listener moments of suspension. 'Drunken Messenger' comes in smoothly, shifting the weightless energy of the first track from love into lust. Echoed vocals stagger against solid percussion, with Feeniks’ drunk booty call fitting in snugly between filtered melodies.

In the track titled 'Not Same', dusty chords are repeated and imprinted with flourishes of bass, breaking themselves down into a reflective performance from Jay. Kristoffer Eikrem rides the beat with a trumpet solo, perfectly accenting a driving kick drum that perforates the suspension of sustained strings. Jay and BD double down on the core gesture of attraction presented in this release with 'Want You', the coda of this compact journey. Its soft flute work melds with the strum of a guitar, Feeniks’ voice nearly casting a shadow as it faces away from an opalescent sunset.

Released as four singles in total, Not Same is a four-track journey into relationships and the vulnerabilities that they expose, smoothly conveyed through the language of beats. Beautiful Disco's programmed shuffle maps out these aural spaces, while Jay Feeniks’ vocals dial in on an offering of love filtered to just the right frequency. 


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