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Josh Hey

Ndeed (Cassette)

Ndeed (Cassette)

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Paxico Records is honored to release Ndeed, the next release by Philadelphia based producer Josh Hey. This 8 track collection was recently given to Paxico by Hey after leaving an alleged 18 hour recording session. When questioned what the tape contained, Hey didn't reply but seemed to be in some sort of trancelike state, continuing to walk.

After being asked later about its potential release, Hey admitted it sounded like something only he could've created, though he had no memory of it. Upon further investigation the tracks did in fact live only on Hey's computer and stories of his creation of them have been substantiated by several who witnessed that night.

His other projects include Blasphemous Jazz, a compilation album with heavy hitters of the beat scene re-working Miles Davis’s ‘Bitches Brew.’ Hey is also half of the Lanky Lad crew with Poptartpete, and has another recent collaboration with the now infamous producer Swarvy.
"Hey is hailed as a David Axelrod of the emerging beat generation. His lush palettes lend his compositions a versatility which never ceases to provoke incessant nods. Hey's production has quickly evolved with unorthodox time structure and dynamics which have come to be exemplary of his style."
-Groovus EcChamber
"Was and always will be an inspiration for me and every musician he's come into contact with."
-Sicil Vibration
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