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Howie Wonder

Heart Beats (Cassette)

Heart Beats (Cassette)

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Paxico is proud to present, "Heart Beats." After the name Howie Wonder there is evidently a gap of very many centuries. Nobody will ever know now what was the history of the relic during those dark ages, or how it came to have been preserved in the family. What we know is that it is now in front of us, and who are we to deny its propagation.

She began to sing, drumming her long foot idly on a stone block in the sidewalk till it wobbled up and down in time to the low throaty tune:

"One smile from Home in Paxico town,
Lives Jeanne, the heart beat Queen.
She loves her dice and treats 'em nice;
No dice would treat her mean."

She broke off and agitated the sidewalk to a bumpy gallop.


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