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French Boogie and Yé-Yé (Cassette)

French Boogie and Yé-Yé (Cassette)

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Direct from Chris Hound comes French Boogie and Yé-Yé, a new chapter highlighted in a global lexicon of groove. The powerhouse that brought us Spaghetti Italians and the Malik Abdul-Rahmaan co-curated Ethiopian Melodies steps up again, this time presenting rich 60’s and 80’s French cuts.

A foray into the world of French Rock and Roll, disco, and boogie, this two-sided compilation is an immersive trip printed direct to tape. Basslines cruise steadily beneath silky vocals with wow and flutter, with psychedelic synths and jazz percussion connecting Motown to Marseille.

Big band touches rustle with fresh bursts of tropical sensibility, offering a vacation for the mind. Lush strings radiate off of steady conga work on the B-side, a precise flute solo at one point slicing through the soft melodies of jazz-infused lounge.

Referencing percussive tropicalia and French soul in equal measure, French Boogie and Yé-Yé is an odyssey into rock solid groove. This hour-long mix moves listeners through slick soundscapes, celebrating the French spirit and soul of decades’ past. Whether this mix finds you in quiet surroundings or deep in urbanity, Chris Hound will hook you up with transportive selections.

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