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Josh Hey & The Laughing Khokmah Ensemble

E&J (Digital)

E&J (Digital)

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It's 2010... After consuming their fair share of E&J, Josh Hey and TLKE recorded a 1.5 hour mix entitled “onlyonedj”. In this recording, both selectors furiously ran thru over 500 records, needle dropping and cutting breaks. As one can imagine, the outcome was somewhat of frantic collage of disparate elements, that occasionally hits the ears just right.

While the original mix is hard to come by, this album contains choice selections from the recording accompanied by beats composed on Ableton and MPC2500. Listener beware, this album will go everywhere in a hurry.

"I have been looking for these guys in Philly. I feel this is one of the best things the city has offered in a while. Cut up genius and no rules. Thats whats up." - The Buddy System Project

“All day with Josh Hey, trust me, this must be, one ill mixtape. Flow Worthy!” - Jordan Hamilton


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