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Dirty Art Club

Gardens (Cassette)

Gardens (Cassette)

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Morning music. Art that facilitates the conquering of the dawn, and the reminiscing of the dusk. Dirty Art Club's newest release Gardens builds upon a rich tradition of evocative loops, with an always welcomed and genuine sentimental bite.

Gardens evokes the sublime- but don't let these lush sonics pull you from the deft drumwork on cuts like Plastic Drip. Candy Sweats brings high-mid instrumentation in with wow and flutter, almost as if flowers presented as a gift to the ears. Chord progression on the aptly named "Technicolor" brings to mind equally the swell of a cool breeze on a sunlit rocky beach, and the jaunty stroll to your favorite record spot in search of unexpected treasures. Morphine/Cigarettes washes your ears with comforting vibrant hues, with string work that pulls you into the warm air in a mission to lift you above vividly chromatic sonic fields.

This release could not be more aptly named, as it thrusts you into expertly manicured environments. 28205 builds upon an instrumental interlude style of beat that speaks equally to an idyllic countryside as it does to our favorite crate diggers. Crispy high end textures drizzled with liquidy synths highlight the shuffle of the snare, almost anthropomorphising itself into a living, walking groove. It encourages you to take a walk with it, wherever you wish to go.

This 27-track project functions as a vast salon of impressionist paintings- each track serving as a framed gesture of distinct yet interconnected emotion. Think of summer days, springtime blossoms, but also undertones of our personal vices that usually reserve themselves for those long pensive nights. An ear for samples and improvised accoutrement manifest themselves in an intense sunlight- wear shades if you dare to stare directly into these instrumentals.

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