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GoYama & Lidly

Blue Magic Tapes (Digital)

Blue Magic Tapes (Digital)

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If we consider collaboration as musical discourse, Blue Magic Tapes features Lidly and GoYama’s most eloquent works to date. It weaves GoYama's bold, glitchy experiments with Lidly's knack for hypnotic, stirring soundscapes. Not only is East conversing with West; Gravity is in dialogue with levity. The synthetic and the organic coexist. The cosmic reflects the earthly.

What results is an exceptionally gorgeous electronic experience, sure to transport a listener. Blue Magic is richly layered with driving synths, live instrumentation and deep beats, laced with a sense of longing - like you're being hit with memories of Earth while hurdling through space. For a release clocking in at just about 30 minutes, Blue Magic Tapes takes you on quite the journey, while GoYama & Lidly conjure a sonic world all their own.


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