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Paxico people are lovers of mesmerizing music. We excavate the best for maximum listening pleasure. We support the rare & recent. We create works of art with their own mythology and folklore.

Paxico is a slow-growing, idiosyncratic collection of handmade records and art. Our releases are an ongoing study of futurism and folklore. Each release is also organized to show the special rapport between its audio and visual components.

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We have our major releases in most record stores that sell new music. Ask if you can’t find us!

Proudly distributed by Fat Beats, USA


Shop Policy

Feel free to ask any questions prior to ordering to avoid confusion about your item, I will gladly offer personal assistance to any customer.

Wholesale: Wholesale orders will be considered for select retailers. If you are interested in carrying Paxico merchandise in your retail setting, please introduce yourself by emailing me and telling me about yourself and your space. Wholesale prices and minimum quantities will be supplied by request.

Feedback: Feedback is always welcome! Please report any technical difficulties you may encounter with the site as well as questions, comments or complaints.

Shipping: Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery time though they will likely arrive sooner. Please be sure to provide a valid email address where I can contact you if there are questions with your order, I promise not to contact you unless necessary. Paxico ships to domestic and international locations. Packages will be sent via USPS Priority Mail.

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