Lionmilk “Depths Of Madness” cassette


Paxico is proud to share this physical artifact from Lionmilk, titled Depths Of Madness.



In DEPTHS OF MADNESS Lionmilk traces vicissitudes of his restless mind with eleven hallucinations gleefully detached from waking life.

Pursuing madness to its ends, he builds sound to wrestle with tangled feelings and approach infinities: the forever, the beyond, the blue. He operates on the basis of unreason; and forms incantations to conjure the soul from the body.

With a vastly eclectic musical vernacular he combines elements of oddball tropicalia, bossa jazz, blistering doomscapes and melancholy stoner rock, to name a few.

Vacillating between extremes we can discern a mind caught between the hope for recovery and the fear that it might never know a moment’s repose.

Take the dip and reemerge in a heightened state of consciousness. This is a work that is euphoric, uncanny, brilliant and intense.

Depths Of Madness | Buy / Listen

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