Bandcamp’s Best New Electronic: Fishdoll


Bandcamp named Fishdoll Noonsense one of the best Electronic Releases of 2018 thus far.

It’s not quite beat-scene, it’s not quite trip-hop, it’s not quite alt-R&B, it’s not quite Burial-style glitchy bass music, it’s certainly not quite electropop…you might even question whether Beijing electronic singer-songwriter-producer Fishdoll is entirely real, so beautifully synthetic is her aesthetic. “It’s drifting off with the flicker of a screen following you into the unconscious, the inception of a digital stillness,” says the release page, and that sounds about right. A little digging, though, suggests that erstwhile New Yorker Yuyu Feng is an actual person and, on the evidence of these eight intensely psychedelic flights through sci-fi dreamscapes (plus one rolling breakbeat remix by Californian producer Pax), she is an absolutely extraordinary talent.

See the full list here.

Noonsense | Buy / Listen

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