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Killer Bee on Paxico Radio

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Killer Bee is the next to join the ranks of Paxico Radio alum. Check out the mix below. 

“This mix centers mostly around the emerging online instrumental hip hop sound that is rooted on soundcloud and bandcamp (as well as its rap/r&b satellites). All of these artists inspire me, pushing me to create better music and to take sonic risks. Each artist has a unique take on the instrumental scene that routinely blows me away and I admire how meticulous each artist is with their beats. I’ve been listening to all of these artists recently and have all served as influences for my upcoming album, which I hope to be my most experimental yet. I became homies with many of these beatmakers after meeting them at the first #InPlainSight Block Party in Brooklyn this summer and so I also wanted to shout them out and put on for the east coast beat scene in general. I look forward to hopefully one day meeting the rest of these talented artists and collaborating with them.” -Killer Bee

Killer Bee is a 23-year-old hip-hop producer from New York/New Jersey. He has produced for many up-and-coming artists like Lonny X, dylAn, JuegoTheNinety, $emaj Roc, Krewe of 77, Hassan El Hobo, Justah Phase, and more. He draws influence from producers like Kanye West, knxwledge, Flying Lotus, J. Dilla, Shlohmo, HitBoy, Boi-1da, 40, Nujabes, skywlkr, bsd.u, and many more. Bee incorporates many genres into his music: lofi hip hop, dream hop, electronica, vaporwave, and blends them to create a wholly unique sound that at first sounds reminiscent of 90s hip-hop but its dreamy samples and cutting edge drum sequences make it sound futuristic, allowing Bee to innovate and push the boundary of the hip-hop genre. He has been featured on prominent blogs such as Indie Shuffle, Tiny Mix Tapes, EARMILK and DJ Booth, and graduated from Colby College with a degree in Economics. He has released a beat tape, an EP entitled ‘Venus’,  a full length album entitled ‘alone_’, and most recently an album ‘Otaku’, which is available to stream/download on his soundcloud and bandcamp. His highly anticipated follow up album ‘DESIRE’ is slated to come out this fall.


shamana – obeying traffic laws in GTA 

idntrmmbr – she’s as high as cara delevingne. 

tomppabeats – summer lover (ft. in love with a ghost) 

Jay Alpha – Alien Drug Deals 

Tuamie – blue heart green heart 

ewonee – amethyst. 

Ahwlee – on_foot (feat. Pink Siifu) 

brainorchestra. – 

Josh Hey – closing my tab 

Furozh x Hann_11 – From the Soul Yall 

Ohbliv – Tumbled Stones 

knxwledge – 1stbody.

Killer Bee – dye (feat. Melrose) 

Foisey – Naturally. 

Lil Kazuya – “FU” 

Lord Apex – pretty penny (prod. Grimm Doza) 

bzkt. – I Hate Everybody (prod. bsd.u & knowmadic) 

Killer Bee – parklife (feat. Louis Culture & yiigaa) 

House of Pharaohs – RWM 

Duendita – Dream of Me (feat. simon eng & Ken-I-Produce) 

SwuM – I Miss u 

LoVibe – badgirl riri 

dylAn – tears 

Sum Total – mango 

Nothing_Neue – Party With Me

Killer Bee – tomoyo (unreleased)

sleepyeyes – so what 

vhvl – dnt 

O.S.L  – Cruising (FLIP) 

Hajino – The Creator 

bsd.u – charlie 

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