PX038 Budabrose 2 (Budamunk & Fitz Ambrose)


Budabrose 2 | Buy / Stream

The Brothas of Buddah return from the Tokyo City Multiverse.

“These are the types of beats that remind me that life can be butter without things having to get so complicated.” –Mndsgn

“The combination of Buda and Fitz is nothing but my favorite thing.” –5lack

The 2nd album by BudaBrose (BudaMunk and Fitz Ambrose).

This work develops attention as an entity that connects underground and hip-hop scenes in Japan and abroad via the artist’s shared love of 90’s culture. As a hip-hop charm, as 80’s mellow mood, glittery and spectacular, vibrant and smoky beat magic as warm and exciting hip-hop studded in a film.

“Hitchu” is a warm sound image that tells the beginning of the album while jaggy mellows afford rough analog and sample noises. “ill tone” drops into the 80’s mellow sound groove but rears back. Budabro$e 2 is 14 tracks that undoubtedly will carry you to the enchanted modern hip-hop and instrumental world as if you were born collaging in its rich flavor.

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