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PX035 The Nativist – Various Options


Various Options is slated for release 9/9/2016 on Paxico Records.

The legendary Jamaica Queens born and raised producer schools us on some of what he has to offer. At times brutal and heavy, his music reflects his deep appreciation for sound system pressure and the subtleties afforded by the tempo. Get familiar…

His forthcoming release features remixes from NYC club pioneers and Swim Team members, Color Plus and AceMo.

Read the review on Tiny Mix Tapes

“Not to mention how underplayed and misused the JUNGLE genre is in 2016, The Nativist not only perfects that modern, on-the-run sound, but reappropriates the genre with a slice of “Rush to the Rave” and “American Zen 1&2.” – Tiny Mix Tapes (C Monster)

Audio x The Nativist / Mastering x Lars Probert / Remixes x Acemo and Colorplus / Art x Milo Newman & Chris Hund

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