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PX034 Mogillah – Coney Island

The best way to know where you are going is to remember where you’ve been. It is in this spirit that we present a snapshot look at the rich history of Coney Island with an eye toward the present and promising future.

Coney Island is often remembered as the one-time capital of amusement destinations in America, but what we learn by carefully studying is that it’s also home to a resourceful community as rich in pride as it is tradition. Coney Island’s amusement area survives like a seed, deep in hibernation, ready for the climate to once again be ripe to bloom.

“Coney Island is a audio dedication to my hometown of Brooklyn, New York, but it also serves as a musical thank you card to all of my family and friends whose helped me become the man that I am today.

This album is the end result of all the cold seltzer jam session with friends, long hours of perfecting my craft, different skills, advice and tips I’ve learn over the year from a wide arrangement of music friends and a sleep shortage because of my creative juice being on the verge of erupting if I didn’t pour them out of me.

Coney Island is a concept album that was created and inspired by my childhood growing up in Brooklyn, NY and traveling to Coney Island every summer with my family as well as my band practice experiences with the Cold Selzter in my Adulthood stage living in Philadelphia, PA.

A cold seltzer jam session is a music exercise to sharpen up your beat making skills. Cold Selzter is a bunch of music friends (Sir Froderick, Josh Hey, Wise da bol, myself, etc.) that would meet up at Sir Froderick’s old apartment in the South Philly section of Philadelphia, PA in the mid to late 2000’s, upload 5 records into Sir Froderick’s MPC 2500 then each beat maker has 5 minutes to create a beat.The beat(s) that each individual made would either be used on an individual or collective project or get scraped. These exercises really helped me home in on my craft.

Because of the cold selter sessions and the long hours of practice of perfecting my craft, the evolution of Mogillah manifested and the birth of the Coney Island was created. This is my first physical release so I am forever grateful to Paxico Records for believing in me and this project, and everyone involve with making of Coney Island.”



Audio by Mogillah
Mastered by Swarvy & FLOTE
A&R by Josh Hey
Art by Chris Hund

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