Cassettes / Releases

PX032 HEIRESS (Self Titled)

Every village has its ghosts and folklore. Heiress commands our attention, a mythical Revolution generator. Locals have long memories about her. These recordings unearth a piece of that story.

“Tannen was born with an almost clairvoyant mysticism, her lyrics often come to her in one fell swoop over the span of half an hour. Exquisitely comprehensive, they express the universal through the often highly personal narrative.” -Marissa Provenza

“It’s cozy, endlessly listenable pop music that will make you want to cuddle up at home, light some candles, and bang.” -VICE on Richie Quake

released October 17, 2015

Produced by Richie Quake and Noelle Tannen
Mixed by Richie Quake and Josh Pleeter / Mastered by Chris Bridge
Art by Chris Hound / Paxico Records 2015

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