Cassettes / Releases

PX021 Ahwlee – 1991


PX-21 Ahwlee – 1991

First 5 orders include a lighter handmade by Ahwlee!
All orders include download of complete digital album.
Cover art and design by Chris Hund.
High-bias cassette tape.

Digital Download


• Internet is made available to unrestricted commercial use and number of computers on the net reaches 1 million
• Linus Torvalds releases first version of the Linux operating system kernel
• The American Galileo spacecraft makes its closest approach to 951 Gaspra, becoming the first probe to visit an asteroid
• Microsoft Releases MS Dos 5.0
• Blue Roses produced by Genetic Engineering
• Tim Berners-Lee introduces the web browser.
• Ahwlee uses current technology to start recording 1991

Digital Download

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