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PX018 Poptartpete – 8 Cavities


PX-18 Poptartpete – 8 Cavities

Limited Edition Cassette, 200 tapes worldwide
Packaged with one floss tool and a Paxico sticker
14 tracks on a 24 minute tape
Cover illustration by Alex Bortz

Digital Download


Paxico is proud to deliver 8 Cavities, the first physical release by Philly resident, Philly hater, skater, homie, Poptartpete. A must for chillin, performing, netting, setting, etc. Don’t miss this, indulge with delicious gourmet beats and treats from Poptartpete. For 5 years, Paxico has been the premier source for truffles, treats, gourmet, and/or microwave.

“Poop” video by GodsConnect

Side A
1.Looper 1:40 | 2.ThisMaschineIsUseless 1:49 | 3.ButtHash 1:13 | 4.Poop 1:01 | 5.NutellaBlack-NoNugzFreeStyle 0:35 | 6.NoNugz 1:10 | 7.NuclearReactor 1:21

Side B
8.OverExhausted 2:53 | 9.somechops 1:38 | 10.Do4uu 1:05 | 11.DeathNigga 1:24 | 12.Sumfin 1:04 | 13.Roaches 1:32 | 14.BadHabits 1:48


“I have people that have been studying and they cannot believe what they’re finding”
-Donald Trump

“helps to guide us in everything we do.”
-Godiva Chocolates”
– Sicil Vibration


Digital Download

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